From St Peter’s to the Stage: Maria Salarich’s Latest Play and Poetry Book (Class of 2010)

It was a beautiful morning in Barcelona, and Maria arrived at St PETER’S with her signature energy and positive attitude. She was thrilled to be back at her alma mater to promote her latest theatre play, “Fem un cafè” (Shall we have a coffee?, in Catalan), which was set to hit the stage at Teatre Goya in May. But that wasn’t all – she was also excited to share her latest poetry book, “El lloc de les coses” (The Place for Things), on one of the most magical days in the city, St. Jordi’s Day.

As she walked through the halls, Maria couldn’t help but feel like she was coming home. After graduating in 2010, she was delighted to reunite with some of her former teachers, like Sr. Merín and Ms. Janet, and see the classrooms and theatre where she first discovered her passion for the arts.

“I came to St PETER’S when I was three years old, almost all my life, and I have so many good memories. There are two important things I’m grateful for. One is the language, English. It has opened so many doors and windows in my career. The second is the people – the human beings. The teachers saw my passion for the arts and pushed me, inspiring me to become the person and professional I am today.”

We’re thrilled to help spread the word about Maria’s latest theatre production, “Fem un Cafè?”, which will be running at Teatre Goya throughout May. Don’t miss your chance to see this incredible show – you can purchase tickets using the link below.

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