Four young EU parliamentarians in Madrid (MEP)


This weekend a group of four young pariamentarians from St. Peter’s participated in the Model European Parliament (MEP) sessions held in Madrid. Dean Zhu, Óscar Roca, Alberto Pascual and Eva Robisco, students in 1st Pre-U, had first-hand experience of this year’s MEP sessions. Full of young EU parliamentarians, Madrid was a place of creative  ideas, a place to be, to foster the development of a fuller European awareness and understanding among the young people of our continent.

But how have these four students lived this experience? These are their words:



“Debating skills, defending your ideas, meeting new people are some of the many opportunities the MEP experience offers. We had the opportunity to learn about the different topics we had to talk about, such as industry, economy, integration policies, and the importance of variety in the EU.
In addition, we lived a first-hand experience of what real parliamentary life is like,  feeling excited about defending your ideas in an established governmental venue, the “Congreso de los Diputados.”
Moreover, we met a lot of new people from different parts of Spain, who by the end of the weekend have become good friends of ours.”


“El Modelo de Parlamento Europeo ha sido una gran experiencia, una de las mejores. Me ha ayudado a conocerme a mi mismo, a saber relacionarme mejor con la gente y sobre todo a hablar en público. También me ha enseñado lo que realmente es trabajar en equipo y saber escuchar a mis compañeros.”


“It has been a great experience in my life, a huge change during three days, changing clothes, from jeans and sweaters to suit, tie and shoes. The use of protocol has also been pretty drastic, thanking first and after talking and saying our name and delegation. But, the people were marvellous, there were about 70 of us and we all talked to each other. I encourage anyone who has the chance to participate in the local phase of this competition”.



“During last weekend I had the chance to take part in a wonderful event. I was lucky enough to go to Madrid and participate in the Model of the European Parliament. Before going I was very nervous but above all I was definitely enthusiastic about it.

When I arrived, I could talk to a lot of different people, all of whom were very friendly. I had lots of great experiences with them in such a short period of time! Now, when remembering it, I realise everything I have learnt by talking and listening to my peers, and most importantly, every time I remember it I feel really happy”



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