Exploring the emotion of abstract art: Year 8 students’ journey beyond figurative art

During their Visual Arts Unit about Abstract art, the students of Year 8 have been learning about art beyond figurative.
They have investigated different theories of art, levels of iconicity as well as how to turn something figurative into abstract. They have analysed art of various abstract artists and they have considered how different colors, shapes, values and styles can express different emotions.

As their final summative work they are answering their Statement of Inquiry, “Abstract art can liberate the artist from the representation of reality and it invites to play and find alternative ways to express the ideas, art theories and aesthetics” by creating their own abstract paintings that expresses an emotions of their choice varying from Anger and Sadness to Happiness and Love. They have considered what colors, shapes and styles work best to express the emotion and they have also taken inspiration from abstract artists like Jackson Pollock, Morris Louis, Kasimir Malevich, Sonia Delaunay-Terk and Mark Rothko.