St PETER’S Filmmaking Team Triumphs: ‘They,’ Produced in 2019, Wins eMove Short Film Festival

This past Saturday, 11th of November, the Lope de Vega Theater in Madrid lit up for St PETER’S alumni and their short film “They,” snagging a school short film award at eMove Festival (Baccalaureate and Vocational Studies category). Crafted in 2019 by director and professor José Antonio Merín and his technical and artistic team, the film not only showcases artistic skill but also underscores Merín’s commitment to teaching cinema.

Reflecting on cinema, Merín notes, “Film is a lie—a big one. But few things evoke real emotions like movies do. That alone makes it worth understanding.” His words highlight cinema’s power to connect on an emotional level.

“They” stands as a testament to student creativity and a reminder of cinema’s transformative force. Despite being shot a few years ago, the recent award fuels passion for cinematic art.

Don’t miss the opportunity to watch this amazing short film:

The “Dream” trophy and diploma are tangible symbols of collective effort. As the team, led by Merín, moves on to new projects in Y10, their faith in cinema remains unshaken.

Merín’s take: “Film is a grand illusion. Few things evoke real emotions like movies do. Understanding how it works in our minds is crucial in today’s audiovisual world. I won’t dwell on the pedagogical details of crafting creative work—sacrifices, agreements, and responsibilities are a given. The memories of filming ‘They’ are vivid. The award reignites the flame, reminding us that teaching is a journey, not a destination. Onward we go, now in Y10, perhaps more humble but with the same fervor. Because we believe in cinema and its power to transform. After all, what doesn’t cinema have?”



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