DP2 students take interdisciplinarity to the next level by completing a Science project (Group IV) on Solar Radiation

Last week, Year 12 pupils looked into the effects of solar radiation on materials, its use as source of energy -both photoelectric and in wind turbines-, its efficiency and benefits, as well as its impacts on the local fauna.  The students used the perspective and tools provided by every different subject and reflected on their strengths and limitations.

Nurturing curiosity is a key element of the IB Diploma programme. During the two years of the diploma, students develop their research skills through a wide range of activities. Group IV project is just one of those, where multidisciplinarity, collaboration and reflection are the cornerstones of the activity. The purpose of Group IV is to gel together students of all science disciplines (Chemistry, Physics, Computer Science, Environmental Systems and societies and Biology) in order to investigate a daily issue, such as Solar radiation, using the recently installed solar panels at the school.

In every IB program, from Primary to the Diploma Program, transdisciplinary and interdisciplinary research is key. The understanding that knowledge does not exist in separate boxes–but instead connects across different disciplines–gives students a deeper and more holistic understanding of their learning. Additionally, this helps them connect their projects to real life.

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