Curious Kids – What´s your Favourite Fairytale?

This term in Curious Kids, our topic is “What´s your Favourite Fairytale?” and we have been doing lots of activities.

We had the visit of the Blue Mango Theater Company performing “Goldilocks and the Three Bears”.

“Foundation 4 and 5 have been working hard to help the characters from different stories! With Miss Heather and Miss Katie we built escape routes for Rapunzel, and we fixed the broken furniture for the 3 Bears with Miss Elizabeth and Miss Katerina! We also read Jack and The Beanstalk and planted some basil with Miss Carolyn and Miss Veronica, and read Hansel and Gretel with Miss Frances and Miss Tracie, learning about how to stay safe and solve problems!

We all worked well together and had lots of fun!”

Heather Lowe
Foundation 5 teacher