CSI St Peter’s: a scientific investigation in Year 4

Our Year 4 students recently have put their science skills to the test. They used science to research and solve a mystery during their crime scene investigation unit of inquiry.

Crime Scene: Mr Paul was found unconscious at the Primary Library.
The evidence: There was a bottle filled with yellowish liquid next to him, pieces of a balloon with some fingerprints, and a shoe that could belong to the person who committed the crime.
Suspects: All staff at St PETER’S.

Our students collected data and evidence and conducted experiments on DNA, shoe grips, and balloon gas; they interrogated suspects and created a chronology of events with witness statements. Watch the video and be inspired by scientific curiosity!

By the end of this awe-inspiring investigation, our pupils had connected all the clues and uncovered the truth. Through this experience, they truly grasped the power of science to help us ask questions, look for evidence and find out what really happened.

It was a great experience for all of us! Our Year 4 students solved a complex mystery and had a blast in the process. What else can we ask for?



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