Creative Learning Project: Teaching for Creativity

Developing creative skills is a must for everyone in a world full of routine, convention and expectation. In St. Peter’s School we love children to look at the world afresh and from new perspectives, envisaging alternatives to the expected in any given task, encouraging outstanding outcomes and thus avoiding possible dead-ends. To make this possible we have started our Creative Learning Project, which is held every Wednesday and is followed by Students from Classes 1 to 4. 

Throughout the course, we will be working to turn these good ideas into exciting realities. We have started by encouraging the children to choose the subjects from a wide range of possibilities. 

But this is just the beginning: each term they will be changing subjects twice being split into different mixed groups and dealing with different exciting themes. Students from Class 1 and 2 will be working together in one section and students from Class 3 and 4 in another.  
They really enjoy changing groups, and in doing this they begin to appreciate there are different approaches to any task. For this first time, the subjects chosen are Magic & Mystery in Maths, Healthy mind/healthy body, Art from different countries, Cooking, Jewellery, Dance, Puppets, Playground Games, Viking long ships, Journalism and 5 senses. 

You just have a look at them to see the findings.

We have great expectations for the Creative Learning Project that has just started and we know for sure the children will love it. But the most important points are that the project aims to:

  • Encourage children to believe in their creative potential, to engage their sense of possibility and to give them more confidence to try new things.
  • Foster curiosity and enhance awareness in order to stimulate creativity.
  • Identify their creative capacities. It is very important for us to help the children discover their creative strengths so they can develop them to their full potential.
  • Channel all this children’s creativity to real actions and outstanding outcomes.

All the creative activities embodied in the project try to empower the children to develop their own self esteem and creativity. And of course, for children it is a way of learning full of adventure, discoveries, challenges and fun.



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