CLP – They choose, they create and they freely express themselves

Nowadays a different way of thinking is taking over and times when people only specialised in one area of knowledge are now in the past. Changes go faster every day in a world where the ability for quick adaptation is a requirement for the future and creativity and innovation are the tools to reach it.

“Pictures taken by Y2 CLP Photography class”

At Creative Learning Project (CLP) once a week the pupils are able to be in the position where they can freely express themselves in different subjects. At CLP, there´s no right or wrong answers just the pure felling of creation and innovation with the guidance of their teachers.

Between different options the pupils can choose what they want to learn; photography, dance, yoga, stop motion filming, different handcraft activities, gardening or any subject we can imagine and which we will give a creative learning perspective so the pupils can have the opportunity to explore changing creative environments.

“They choose, they create and they freely express themselves”.




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