Chiquitistán, a Short Film produced by our Year 10 students

by José Antonio Merín, Film teacher in Year 10

From a pedagogical standpoint, a film experience is much more than the final result that we are presenting here. In Film class in Year 10, we try to provide students with basic knowledge of what we could call the ‘grammar’ and ‘syntax’ of cinematic language to put into practice in personal projects.

However, it is also essential for us that they understand that, as it happens in almost all creations in all imaginable fields, collaboration is the real source of creativity.

Every genius owes an important part of their talent to others.

That is why the final project of the subject consists of creating a feature film, respecting, as much as possible, the roles and rhythms of a professional cinematic creation. This has meant that the students have formed a technical and artistic team, with the invaluable collaboration of some teachers and even a professional actor, Eric Masip, a former student of the school.

In short, we all built a story, which ended up becoming a script, leading to extensive planning that resulted in an intense filming process. And from there to the editing room, where each student constructed their own narrative. In a way, what is shown here is a compilation of all of them, as I gathered ideas from all the students for this final editing.

I hope you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed making it.