Bonasport Competition 2023: A day filled with fun, team spirit, and community unity

Sunday was an amazing day filled with friendly competition, team spirit, and a whole lot of fun. We want to express our gratitude to all the parents, students, and members of our community who participated in the Bonasport Competition and made this event a tremendous success.

Events like these provide us with an opportunity to come together, connect, and bond. We believe in the power of sports to unite people and foster a sense of community among families.

Whether parents were actively competing in tennis, paddle, or spinning or simply enjoying socializing at the bar/restaurant area, every moment was filled with laughter, encouragement, and an incredible display of sportsmanship.

Congratulations to all the participants who showcased their skills and determination. Your dedication and enthusiasm were truly inspiring.

We would like to thank @clubbonasport for their collaboration and support in making this event a remarkable experience for everyone involved. Together, we create memorable opportunities for our community to thrive.

Feel free to check out our stories and the event hashtag to relive the excitement, celebrate the memories, and keep the spirit of unity alive. Let’s continue to cherish our community and find more ways to connect and support one another.



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