The beginning of an exploring journey!

In the Nursery, we believe that it’s important for that our children explore and learn through play.

Adaptation Process

We understand that for most children, it’s the first time they separate from their parents. That’s why we start with an adaptation process to make the transition easier. The children will visit the Nursery with their parents to get the feeling of the environment together and step by step, the children will feel more a more confortable and independent.

The Staff / Focus Activities

We think it’s very important to have enough hands during the Nursery Stage so each child feels understood during their journey.

Aiming to help the child to straightened their personal, social and communication skills, their language development and body movement, the teachers plan focus activities that take place not only in the classroom but also in the outdoor areas.


We have a yearly parent’s participation programme where we welcome parents to join us in unique experiences with their child.



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