Agustina Lacarte, Head of Primary at St PETER’S, Wins CEU Ángel Herrera Award for Best Teaching Task

Agustina Lacarte, head teacher and coordinator of primary years at St PETER’S, has won the CEU Ángel Herrera Award from Abat Oliva University for the best teaching task. In celebration of her incredible achievement, we’ve decided to interview her to get an inside look at the award-winning task and learn more about her background. Check out our exclusive video interview with her here!

She discovered teaching by chance at 25 years old, but it was love at first sight, and since then, she has worked to be a better teacher every day. Her day-to-day practice and experience in an IB school have helped her grow as a teacher at the university level.

For our PYP coordinator, teaching is synonymous with collaboration, discussion, asking questions and connecting what they learn with real life. It is precisely this way of working with students – the same way she uses here at our school – that she believes has earned her the award from her pupils. “My methodology is very different from what the pupils are used to. I think it’s a friendlier approach, and the students feel they’re learning much faster,” she says. In addition, “the results are much better because we help our students to think.”

Congratulations Agustina, for this well-deserved award!