A step beyond

St PETER'S SCHOOL is the only School in Barcelona that offers the IB Continuum in English from 3 to 18 years old

We are the only school in Catalonia with a science laboratory for children from 0 to 6 years old, the first to introduce subjects such as blockchain, nanoscience, neuroscience, and artificial intelligence in its curriculum, and the only school in Barcelona to offer the IB Continuum in English across all stages: Nursery, Primary, Middle Years and Diploma Program. At St PETER'S SCHOOL Barcelona, we prepare our pupils to face the different challenges they will encounter. For this purpose, we seek to nurture critical and open-minded thinkers, who are prepared to live, study and work wherever they desire. 

Why St Peter’s

IB Continuum

International School

Innovative School Project

Preparing students for life

Disruptive Teachers

Connected and Committed Community

The pillars of

exponential learning



Understanding knowledge

Know the real world based on facts


Critical thinking



Boost on Science (neuroscience, nanotech, genetics, etc.)

New paradigms (energy, blockchain, etc.)

PPE (Philosophy, Politics, Economics) of new techs


change making

Leadership, creativity, adaptability

Conscious of Environmental Systems and capable of finding solutions of current and future challenges

Competent communicators

After School Hub

Our Afterschool Hub is getting stronger and more powerful than ever. All activities have been designed so that our students and families can thrive, discover new talents and passions, play sport, develop new skills and enjoy themselves. We have also included some activities for adults. Check out what’s new for the 22/23 school year!

All afterschool activities start the 19th September. You can try them for free in our open days, from 19th Sept to 22nd Sept.

Our Students

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Y7 Trip to París

This journey is a unique opportunity for your child to immerse themselves in French culture, practice the language, and explore the world of art.



Key dates and University applications: online meeting

We will host an online info session to discuss the final details and the remaining key dates in the Diploma, as well as university-related issues. You can join us here:




Interdisciplinary Unit: Circular Economy

Our Year 10 students will be diving into an interdisciplinary unit centered around Circular Economy and waste as a resource.


St PETER’S Joins ASIBI (Association of Spanish Schools with IB)

St PETER’S has joined the ASIBI (Association of Spanish Schools with IB), marking a significant step in our commitment to providing an internationally recognized education framework. This achievement is underscored by the appointment of Jordi Ginjaume, our General Manager, to the ASIBI board.

Shaping Futures: Celebrating the Class of 2024’s University Acceptances

March is a special time for our Year 12 students at St Peter’s, who are on the final leg of their International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme. Amid the final push with their internal assessments and intense prep for their official exams, it’s an intense period filled with hard work and anticipation. In these challenging times, it’s incredibly uplifting to see the rewards of their dedication start to emerge, as letters of acceptance from universities begin to pour in.



To start the admissions process, please fill in the following form. Our admissions officers will contact you soon: