School Structure

St PETER’S Educational Project begins at 12 months and continues in the same direction and in a coherent way until the completion of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (18 years).

Children from 12 months old can join their educational journey with us, with the benefits of sociolinguistic immersion in a climate that favors creativity, independence and learning.

St PETER’S students complete their school education with two certifications: The International Baccalaureate, and the corresponding certification from the Spanish Ministry of Education.

As far as language acquisition is concerned, they obtain official Cambridge certificates in English, level C in Catalan, level C in Spanish, and DELF B2 in French.



Spanish Curriculum

St Peter’s
1-P1Nursery 1
2-P2Nursery 2
3PYP- Early YearsP3Foundation 3
4PYP- Early YearsP4Foundation 4
5PYP- Early YearsP5Foundation 5
6PYP11º PrimariaYear 1
7PYP22º PrimariaYear 2
8PYP33º PrimariaYear 3
9PYP44º PrimariaYear 4
10PYP55º PrimariaYear 5
11MYP16º PrimariaYear 6
12MYP21º ESOYear 7
13MYP32º ESOYear 8
14MYP43º ESOYear 9
15MYP54º ESOYear 10



1º Bachillerato


17DP22º BachilleratoYear 12


12 months to 3 years old

Inquiring through play is the engine of learning at this stage, in which families and children grow together. Through play children begin to discover who they are and how they connect to those around them.

We follow an open space learning approach where children can self-direct their learning. The educators are responsible for preparing the environment and creating invitations to play.  Children practice symbolic exploration and expression and naturally develop their initial language and social ability.

The Nursery Open Space offers an atmosphere of mutual respect, affection and trust, flowing from inside the classrooms to the outdoor education playground, or our Lab05.


Care hours

From 8:15 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. for families who need it.

Our own kitchen

All food is prepared on site by the Saned professionals..

A nurse

A professional nurse is responsible for health and safety protocols of the center. She can administer medication to the students who need it, treats minor injuries, monitors the vaccination protocol and communicates to families in case of any illness symptoms or discomfort in children.


The school has a laundry service to help in case of any small incidents with the students’ clothes.


School bus service offered by Grand Lord (Barcelona, Sant Cugat, Castelldefels) for students from 2 years old.


From 2 years old, during school hours, swimming classes at Penguins.

Collaboration with the families

A secure virtual portal (Seesaw) is available for families to follow and participate in the educational experiences that their children live daily, their development and their progress.y

The Primary Years Program

3 to 12 years old

Learning through inquiry and building conceptual understanding while becoming agents of their own learning and partners in the learning process.

The PYP framework is defined by six transdisciplinary learning themes that transcend boarders connecting to what is real in the world. These are: Who we are, Where we are in place and time, How we express ourselves, How we organize ourselves, How the world works and Sharing the Planet. 

These transdisciplinary themes explore the knowledge derived from six disciplinary areas: Social sciences, Natural sciences, Technology, Languages, the Arts, Mathematics and Personal, Social and Physical Education. 

At St Peter’s, all the subjects are taught through English. Spanish and Catalan are introduced gradually in Primary: Spanish 4h per week, Catalan once a week until Y4 and 2h per week from Y5 onwards; French 2h per week from Year 5. 

Middle Years Program

11 to 16 years old

This program encourages the students to be risk-takers, critical thinkers, and creative problem solvers who are able to apply what they’ve learned in the classroom to real-world. It helps the students in acquiring researching, thinking, communicating, and management abilities. Our pupils must have a great deal of regard for cultural diversity and global commitment.

There are six wide areas of knowledge: Mathematics, Sciences, Individuals and Societies, Physical and Health Education, Design, Arts, Language and Literature and Language Acquisition. 

Diploma Program

16 to 19 years old

Program designed to address the intellectual, social, emotional and physical dimensions of student well-being that is recognized and respected by prestigious universities around the world.

Curriculum organized into 3 core subjects – Theory of Knowledge, Creativity, Activity, Service and Extended Essay – and 6 subject groups:

Studies in Language and Literature, Language Acquisition, Mathematics, Science, Arts, and Individuals and Societies.

Students complete their curriculum with participation in local and international projects and activities that help them develop diplomatic, investigative, social and personal skills.



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